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Journey to Cloth Nappies

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When I was pregnant I swore cloth nappies were not going to be a part of mine or my daughters future. Too messy, too “hippie” and certainly too alternative for me.

I knew that disposable nappies contributed to landfill and were certainly not good for the environment but I didn’t quite understand just how bad they were either.

According to Lavenderia last year 3.7 billion disposable nappies went into landfill in Australia and New Zealand combined. “That means that all over these two BEAUTIFUL countries, more than 5% of total waste is the “easy to use and oh-so-convenient” disposable nappy.”

That is shocking.

I first dipped my toes into the reusable nappy realm when Elliott first started swimming. Her swim school sold Boowiggie swim nappies and I found them to be really easy to use and wash. After seeing Em’s Instagram and the super helpful posts on her blog that had circulated on Facebook, I decided to give cloth a go. I mean my grandparents did it, didn’t they?
Enter Sofie and Bee. I met Shasha, owner of the Australian small business over on Instagram. I felt her journey towards sustainability was eerily similar to mine (although she found it sooner!) and I loved that her business was about easing the road to eco-friendliness. For example, she stocks trial packs of nappies, different brands and of course, clothes to fit over your little one’s new big MCN booty.

So we road tested an EcoNaps nappy. A modern cloth pocket nappy with adjustable sizing and bamboo liners.

A breakdown of 5 thoughts I had whilst using an MCN (modern cloth nappy).

1: “What are the inserts for and where the hell do they go?”

2: “What if she poops? WHAT IF SHE POOPS?”

3: “OPERATION POOP IS GO! Must consult the internet for how to wash”

4: “Okay so they seem clean now, but… how? It surely can’t be that easy or else everyone would do it!”

5: Me to literal strangers “how good are cloth nappies?!”

So as you can see I’m a bit of a ~fan~ now. Once you get a routine going it’s honestly so simple, the community of parents that use cloth nappies is generally more inclined to be a bit on the “crunchy” side, and a lot of the time their parenting style aligns with mine.

In such a short space of time, I’ve met so many new friends that are committed to creating a better Earth for our children. All through cloth nappies. Now tell me that isn’t worth the switch?

#ditchthedisposable #fluffybums

Disclaimer : I was sent product for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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