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Lessons in babywearing + review

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As with a lot of parenting practices I’ve come to adopt, I never thought I’d be a babywearer. When I was pregnant, babywearing was an activity I associated with the limber, vegan mums I met at yoga and as an egg eating, stiff bodied lass, I felt it was something that just wasn’t for me. Oh ho ho, how I was wrong.

When Elliott came home from the NICU she was small and pink and rather cranky. When I was pregnant we bought a pretty cheap carrier (it had good reviews) that seemed a bit flimsy and I attempted to justify the purchase by saying “all carriers are the same anyway”.

No. That’s bullshit. All carriers are not equal.


Look at that fuzzy head! (and those uncomfortable buckles)
I remember taking this for a FB babywearers group and being SO nervous (also her dangling legs make me cringe)

Soon after, I bought a Moby wrap and tried to navigate the lengths of fabric around myself like I’d seen on Youtube. After about 2 weeks I seemed to figure out how to properly support myself and bubs and it was pretty nifty having her close and having my hands free. The only problem was it was hot. Super hot. I mean I got it in black -_- what was I expecting? I also didn’t love the way it showed off my extra weight. What this wrap did do for me however was it opened the door to the “carrier lifestyle”. I could get out and go walkabout without a big clunky pram, I could keep Ellie’s precious cheeks from well-meaning, albeit pinchy older ladies. It was great.

Felt like a BOSS wearing this getup and my bubba at a festival when in reality I still didn’t have it figured out.

Enter the LILLEbaby Essential Carrier. I was looking for a carrier that was comfortable on my back, breathable enough for Elliott and also cute. Ding ding ding!

The LILLEbaby offered more lumbar support than I’d been getting previously and it had a hood so I could breastfeed discreetly (ninja!). The front pocket was super handy for fitting my keys and debit card. There was only one problem, it was too big.

Feeling like I had the hang of things ..almost

Because Instagram and Facebook are sneaky stalkers, they knew I had been looking at baby carriers and recommended a brand to me, Ankalia Textiles. They are based in Tasmania and all their products are made here in Australia, handwoven by locals. (Plus they’ve got pretty funky designs!)

The community on FB and Instagram for Ankalia products is thriving and their customer support is rather excellent too.

I was sent the Ankalia Swift and Up Buckle Carrier featuring Cyathea Entrust (peach and copper coloured) to review and enjoy. After a few lessons from various pro babywearing friends and some tips from the Ankalia website, I was feeling more secure in my abilities to carry my little around.

I even tried back carrying!

We aren’t confident enough to back carry outdoors yet but it’s so handy around the house for cooking and cleaning!

At the local night markets, taking it all in

The Up carrier is suitable for infants up to around 2 years of age, depending on if their height. It’s pretty cool to have a carrier that’d see us through various ages and stages.

They are lovers of fabric and textiles and offer an eclectic array of prints and designs in both carriers and new totes. If you’re after babywearing advice, safety guidelines or just a beautiful ring sling, wrap or buckle carrier, check them out. Exciting things coming in 2019!


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    • thisanxiousmum

      I think it’s my boobs 😀 But I’ve heard others having success with loosening the carrier when they want to feed. <3

  • Maya

    “I associated with the limber, vegan mums I met at yoga and as an egg eating, stiff bodied lass, I felt it was something that just wasn’t for me. Oh ho ho, how I was wrong.”
    Hilarious! I’ve tried so many times but he screams bloody murder 🤷
    I feel I should it try again!

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