Boowiggie Swim Nappies- A Review

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I always predicted Ellie would be a water baby, even when she was still in utero. When she was 12 weeks old I headed to the local baby swim centre and eyed off the gorgeous swim nappies on the wall.

The following week, armed with a teeny tiny rash vest and not much else, we headed into the centre on a Wednesday morning to start our baby swim class. I knew I’d have to put some kind of nappy on Ellie to go in the water but my mind was drawing a blank when it came to what the hell to put on her bum!

The swimming centre sold both disposable and reusable swim nappies so I grabbed both. The brand of reusable swim nappy was Boowiggie. Priced at just shy of $20, the low cost was only one of the draws towards the brand. The flamingo print¬†and the fact that it wasn’t a fake greenwashing product sold me. Our growing collection of Boowiggie swim nappies will see Ellie through until toddlerdom from the beach to a pool party.

After using Boowiggie for a few months, I looked into the brand some more. Connecting on Instagram, I was excited to see that the owner is from Sydney.

Boowiggie was actually the catalyst for our family switching to cloth nappies part-time.

The brand also offers premium leather nappy bags and shoes, travel mats, wet bags and swim hats. Check out this great Aussie brand if you’re after an environmentally friendly and affordable solution for baby swimmers.

Boowiggie Swim Nappie


  • Price Point
  • Gorgeous prints for both boys and girls
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Money saving

Boowiggie is an Australian brand

*Disclaimer: I was sent a Boowiggie nappy as part of a brand rep partnership. The initial nappy was purchased with my own money, all opinions are my own.

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