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Kahlia Forbes Hair & Beauty: Copper Balayage Review

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It’d been 11 months since I’d had my hair ‘done’ when I saw a Facebook ad for Kahlia Forbes Salon. Having been pining after a copper balayage for what felt like a millennium, I decided to try out the salon.

Through the all-knowing spies at Facebook just ~knowing~, (more likely, my Googling reputable yet affordable hairdressers in my area for the past 6 months but not doing anything about it) the internet had decided to up the ante and start tempting me with local salon promotions in the hopes of getting my self-care back up to baseline.  

(Cheers Internet!) 

The Package

I clicked the message and was quickly chatting with the automated booking system. After I made a small deposit, Kahlia herself was in touch with me to see what my hair goals were and if I had any pictures of my hair and what I was after. 

A few other salons I had contacted had suggested that to achieve the colour I wanted, they would need to entirely bleach my head (what!). I soon found out that what I was after was a “copper balayage” and there’d not be all that much bleach involved.

I decided on the “refresher package” which was:

Welcome Hot Tea and Towel Visarome Pressure point Hairline Massage

Scalp Analysis

Full Colour Consultation

Half Head Scattered Balayage Foils or Freehand 




And Style Blowdry

I was able to secure a 9am Saturday morning appointment the same week (amazing!) and I excitedly waited for the day. 

My closest salon is South Perth, although there’s also Currambine. 

The Process

Upon arrival, a stylist (Lily) greeted me and let me know she would be doing my cut and colour. She brought out a herbal tea and hot towel and sat down to talk in-depth about my hair history and expectations. 

I felt confident that Lily would be able to achieve a colour and style that’d be far more complimentary than my previous outgrown, colour-stripped, mess. 

The acupressure massage was super relaxing and set the tone for the rest of the appointment.

Unlike other salons, the stylists didn’t seem to tag team clients or rush jobs. Each client was given adequate care and time and genuine care and thoughtfulness was given to the end result of the cut/colour. 

The first step was foils scattered throughout. I picked up great TV reception 😉 

When they washed out, it was light enough to choose a combo of coppers to scatter through. 

Aiming for a natural “Amy Adams” copper balayage, Lily put a gloss over the top to blend. The whole process felt very fast and as I opted for a hair strengthening treatment, I got a ten minute head massage at the basin which was bliss!

The finished colour knocked my socks off as it’d been 7 years since I’d had a pleasant hairdresser experience. 

We then talked about the Hagrid-thickness of my hair and how to thin it out without frizzing the life out of it. 

I left the salon feeling like I didn’t hate my hair for the first time in a long time, which is more than I could’ve hoped for. 

The Result


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