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Writing this has been on the backburner for an aaaaaage. For someone who seems to love to write about herself (and mental health), this “about me” seems to be a sick little punishment.

I expect you to do what’s normal, you know? Stalk me from afar and form your own judgements. I guess I’ll introduce myself though, for the sake of seeming polite.

Doing some casual wall leanin’
Photo of me, 2nd grade

I’m Renee, neurodiverse mum to one toddler (Elliott), living in sunny Western Australia.

Home of killer tans, killer koalas, killer everything. The place is uninhabitable. I am in fact not living in Australia, I’m on the moon. Don’t come here either, I prefer being alone.

I’m passionate about helping other mums find their voices and tell their stories about mental health struggles and triumphs.

I moved from Sydney to Western Australia almost 3 years ago, back when my husband made the move from the UK.

Quick facts long time ~readers~ know:

  • We have no family here in the state so rely heavily on our online village and our real-life friends <3
  • My husband and I were a long-distance couple (UK and Australia)
  • Our daughter was born at 32 weeks gestation, her birth story can be found on the blog

I started this blog as a way to keep sane while I was pregnant. I have various mental health issues, all of which I feel open enough to discuss with “readers” (who I will now be referring to as ~you guys~). I talk about things I like about being a parent, the things I don’t.

Product recommendations, rambles and thought diaries, it’s not particularly polished or professional.

Occasionally, I will post an affiliate link that allows me to make a small commission should a reader purchase a product. I also take on brand collaborations and partnerships and accept products for review. I’m always transparent about these partnerships and would never accept something that didn’t feel authentic.

I can be found on Facebook, Instagram and by email if you feel like reaching out.

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