Disclosure Statement

Hi there!

In the murky world of ~influencers~, affiliate marketing, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram tummy time tea and whatever the hell Fortnite is, it can be hard to determine what’s authentic anymore- right? Disclosure statement time.

I started this blog as a way to connect with other Mothers about the pains and joys of parenthood. What came from this blog was that, as well as opportunities to connect and collaborate with brands and companies.

Here’s a rundown on what different terms mean on my blog, should you see them.

Affiliate link

If I say a post contains affiliate links, what is meant by that is if you choose to purchase a product via the link provided, I will earn a small commission (at no cost to you).

Sponsored Post

If I say a post is “sponsored”, it will generally mean that I have been paid for the post, the amount having been negotiated between myself and the brand or business. The fact that I’m being paid does not change my views about the item or service.

Item sent in exchange for review

Like it says on the tin, if I’ve stated an item has been sent for review, I’ll review it with an unbiased opinion as possible, no matter the monetary value.

Although I must say I do enjoy the eased financial pressure and the sense that I’m contributing to our families savings, collaborations and affiliations do come secondary to the creative part of blogging for me.

Thank you


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