9 Gift Ideas For Your Super Anxious Friend

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I’m like 80,000% sure that at least one of my friends has Googled “gifts for people with anxiety” in relation to buying a gift for me before. I can’t blame them, it is a pretty defining characteristic of my personality (hello blog title).

It got me thinking about how many other people wondered what anxious people *like*. So I made a little list of personally vetted products. I’ve tested each item and I believe they are the best gifts for people with anxiety.

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which should you make a purchase from, allow me to make a commission, at no cost to you. Pretty sweet! (Full disclosure here).

Gifts to help with anxiety

Weighted Blanket

My weighted blanket first came into my life at a time of super high anxiety. Although I was initially apprehensive about how laying under a 6kg (13 lb) blanket could relieve a racing heart and rumination, I gave it a shot. 

After reading up on it, I learned that weighted blankets work so well because of deep touch pressure.

The first time I put mine on, it was like a hug in a box. Seriously. That comforting.

Weighted blankets for some can be a simple way to practice self-care. For other, a cozy albeit heavy mental health tool. 

Gaiam yoga mat for anxiety relief
Gaiam Yoga Mat Mulberry

Gaiam Yoga Mat Mulberry

Practising yoga at home is something that I really look forward to. When my daughter was around 2 months old, we ventured together to the local sporting goods store and discovered this Gaia link brand of mat. I hadn’t heard of it before and it was pricier than the others. It was so pretty though! 

When my newborn began crying to be fed I quickly paid without considering and we left. 

It took me months to use that yoga mat (lacking the time and capacity for self-care). But when I did


It is an amazing mat. Do yourself a favour if you’re a yoga enthusiastic, try one. 

Continuing on from my last self-care gift idea, here’s one that you’ve probably thought about already. How many times have you wandered into a boutique, studio or spa and though “wow it smells nice in here”? 

You look over and notice a plume of fragrance billowing out from one of these bad boys. 

This particular model from Amazon has mood lighting, 7 colours and a timer. 

Asakuki Oil Diffuser

Scent has a lot to do with mood and how we feel (also memory!) Chucking in some essential oils when you’re feeling low or to aid in a yoga practice can have a bigger impact than you think.

Best Gifts For Friends With Anxiety (Continued)

anxiety gifts
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Self care products

The Bullet Journal Method – Kindle Edition

Ryder Carroll, the man who started it all. If you’ve spend any time at all on Pinterest, you’ll have seen a bujo spread or two. In his much-awaited book, Carroll explains his method for bullet journalling as a time management tool, getting down to the knuts and bolts of it. Less of the gorgeous, fancy spreads you see online and more of the functional organisational systems that are totally customizable. 

(This isn’t to say that they are mutually exclusive!)

A perfect gift for someone in your life (or yourself) if they love organization (or really need to stop over thinking and write it all out).

Coloured markers for anxiety relief
Ohuhu Colored Markers (60)

Ohuhu Colored Markers (60)

With nearly 900 reviews, you know these markers are goooood. 60 colours perfect for getting creative in your bullet journal. I haven’t drawn up a monthly spread in a long time now, but when I did I used to use duo tip watercolour brushes at x3 the cost of these. (Regret) 

If bujo isn’t your thing you could always work out some frustrations… 

Release Your Anger Sweary Colouring Book

Adult colouring went viral a few years ago. I remember attending group therapy and nearly every client had their own set of pencils, it was like being in primary school. One of my more “colourful” friend had this particular book. Great for venting frustrations one letter a time. 

BabyFoot (The Original)

So, full disclosure. My feet could use a self-care gift of their own. They need a damn holiday of their own to be honest. Being Australian, I’m often walking around barefoot. On the pavement, outside, inside, on sand, hot earth. Everywhere. And it shows. I discovered these babies watching one of those “so gross you can’t look away” Youtube videos one year. It’s been part of my beauty routine ever since. Little socks that you pop on your feet containing a chemical exfoliant, over the coming days your dead skin will fall off.

Self care journal

Good Days Start With – Gratitude Journal

Possibly one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself (or another, if you’re here for gift ideas). Gratitude has been proven to change the wiring of your brain to improve mood, focus on the positive and look for solutions to problems. Plus it’s like, really cute. Committing to noting down just 3 things that you’re grateful for each day can work to change your mindset longterm.

Veg- Jamie Oliver

Finishing on a super yummy note, let’s get to the ultimate self-care gift – FOOD. My mother bought my husband and I this book for Christmas and I am so thankful. Jamie Oliver completely shakes up humble vegetable dishes and transforms them from just side dishes into main meals. (Great if you’re a vegetarian like me). Do yourself a favour and make the scruffy aubergine lasagne, it’s amazing and went down a treat with our toddler.

Did any of these suggestions make their way into your cart? If so, do let me know! Or were you generous and did you purchase something for someone else? I’m hoping that these ideas of gifts for people with anxiety were useful for you <3

anxiety gifts

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  1. Hello Renee! This is a fantastic blog post. I have anxiety and I’m always looking for things to help both myself and my friends with anxiety. I particularly love and also own the gratitude journal you have here. And my weighted blanket is a life saver. Great suggestions. Thank you for sharing.

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