Period Undies Review: ModiBodi

Reviews / Friday, August 23rd, 2019

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Periods. Do you remember when you were graced with your first? My memory of the event is fairly foggy but I do recall a lot of confused tears, shame and worry. I felt as though my period was something that was being done to me, a punishment of sorts for being female*.

After a trip to a gynaecologist at 17 after struggling with tampons, I was diagnosed with vaginismus. As a result, I began using only pads to “deal” with my period.

Up until quite recently, I didn’t ever question period product sustainability. I had just considered it one of “those things” that you have no choice over, and to be honest, I had no idea that reusable period products even existed!

How I got started

My introduction to ModiBodi came about through my curiosity for knowledge surrounding eco-friendly period products as well as the fact that the pads I was using were causing me very sensitive skin each month.

I decided to try out my first pair to cope with the tail end of my fairly heavy postpartum period. I chose the Sensual Lace Full Brief as I was still in that postpartum c-section scar tenderness phase. As such, I was more comfortable wearing higher rise underwear (it’s 40’s burlesque fashion, not granny panties, I swear!)

So… How’d you find them?

I was in LOVE. The light/moderate flow underwear holds 1-2 tampons worth of blood which seemed absolutely WILD to me. I remember the first day wearing them I would scurry to the bathroom every 40 minutes or so just to stare at my stain-free leggings.

Woman in blue shirt wearing Modi Bodi Sensual Hi-Waisted Underwear
Sensual Hi-Waist in Moderate-Heavy

Possibly one of my best-kept secrets is the fact that many of my lifestyle choices are born out of my desire to maintain my laziness/comfort levels. And Modi Bodi allows me to do just that. No more going to the shops in the mid-afternoon rush to stock up on pads (or let’s face it… asking my husband to get them for me). No more fiddling with wrapping, no more walking all the way to the bin to dispose of said wrapping (okay so that bit is dramatic).

Washing the underwear is simple too.

ModiBodi Cleaning Instructions

Since joining the ModiBodi Ambassador program, I’ve tested out the Sensual Hi-Waisted Bikini and The Sensual Boyshort and I can say that they are of equal quality.

Extra bits!

I’m so excited to offer a be a part of a generation and culture that celebrates periods in this way and is actively looking for solutions to issues like period poverty

I’m very excited to be offering a giveaway over on my Facebook Page , running until 1st September. Head over for details.

Have you tried period underwear? Let me know why/why not.

*I do recognise and appreciate that not all people who menstruate identify as female, this is my personal story only <3

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