Self Care Ideas (That You Can Do During Nap Time)

Mental health / Friday, February 21st, 2020

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When I started blogging, one of the first posts I ever wrote (over on my Facebook) happened to be a tongue in cheek one on self care. This was written back in a time where I couldn’t fathom having a spare second to take shower by myself, let alone read a book! 

As my baby has left the fourth trimester and slightly less needing of her mama to get off to sleep, I’ve found myself, most days, with a predictable hour or two that I can dedicate to some form of self care.

I will admit that most days it is a conscious choice I have to make between “me time” and household maintenance or ~life admin~. 

There’s a point to be made for cleaning as a form of self care though, if your mental health requires that. I know that my mind can’t function in a house that I deem to be chaotic. 

However, if there’s a point where you’re scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush in an effort to see your reflection, it may be time to scale back. 

Ideas for self-care activities

Self Care At Nap Time List Of Ideas
12 self care ideas

1. Get a power nap in

If you can sleep during the day, and feel you need a nap, GO FOR IT.

2. Listen to a mentally recharging podcast

Podcasts are literally my jam. If I was still the kind of girl to go clubbing, then this meme would be 100% me.

Twitter meme

3. Make and eat a nutritious a snack

Now it’s your turn to throw it on the floor in disgust and demand a Cruskit instead!

4. Read a chapter of a book

Or three chapters, or a magazine. I’m not policing you.

5. Catch up on some recent blog posts

*or start your own!

8 Women Share Their Postpartum Experience, How To Do A Mental Cleanse, How To Get Organised Every Month

6. Go on a Youtube watching spree

Watch a family of 7 in the Netherlands and their morning routine.

Get your ASMR on.

Find all the old theme songs to 90’s kids’ shows and sit in a pile of nostalgia.

7. Do a little baking

Sweet Potato Brownies- Chocolate Covered Katie Recipe
Sweet Potato Brownies *drool*

Or a lot of baking. Maybe meal prep if you can. Make brownies for “future you”.

Now that’s self care.

8. Sit outside with a cuppa

Provided you have a sheltered area, this tip is good year-round but especially good in sunny weather.

9. Connect with your “village”

If it’s during nap time, reaching out will most likely be through text or phone- and that’s sometimes just what you need as a change of pace from the consuming nature of parenting. That pause can be a bit of grace in an otherwise hectic day.

10. Do some stretches or yoga

Or bring out the kettlebells and get sweating, if that’s more your speed. (It’s not mine, I’ll admit that). I’m a big believer in getting outside every day as a remedy to the “witching hour”, but indoor exercise can be just as helpful.

11. Hop in the bath or shower

“If they’re cranky, put them in water” is a piece of advice I see all over the Internet for babies. It applies to adults too in my opinion. Grab a shower if you can.

12. Journal or blog

Bullet journal spread done during self care activity. Shows months june through December with skyline illustration.
Beginning bujo-er

Bullet journalling, planning, scheduling, diary entries, blogging or gratitude journaling, it’s all spending time on you.

Tried anything lately?

A list of self care ideas that are quick enough you can fit in around your kiddos nap time? Count me in!
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