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Breastfeeding Questions I Googled So You Don’t Have To

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what you should know about breastfeeding
It’s endless!

Breastfeeding is one of those things I never really thought about doing.

It was something mothers just didright…? I assumed that if and when the time came that I had a baby, I’d just pop them on and that would be that. I knew I was interested in an attachment parenting style and that I wanted a breastfeeding relationship. I assumed that surely I wouldn’t have any breastfeeding questions! And if I did I’d be able to get answers. I knew there were plenty of things to know about breastfeeding, I just didn’t know what those things were.

Let’s all take a minute to laugh at my naivety, shall we?

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things to know about breastfeeding

Although I’m no longer in the 4th trimester period, I did for breastfeed for 11 months, and along the way I had a LOT of questions. Through a combination of my own experience, late-night texts to friends, consulting “Dr Google”, trawling long-abandoned Babycentre threads and calling my Mum, I found answers to common breastfeeding questions.

things to know about breastfeeding like how special it can be
My daughter, 5 months old

Breastfeeding My Baby Hurts, Should It?

Oh mama, I feel your pain. Well, I felt your pain. Your baby may be a newborn, or may even be a few months old, like mine was when I was still having nipple pain. In short, no.

Breastfeeding a baby shouldn’t hurt.

Check out this amazing article by lactation consultant “The Milk Meg”.

There could be a number of issues going on, from:

  • Tongue or lip ties
  • A cranky baby
  • A poor latch
  • Poor positioning

It helps to get some support, you can do so via your local La Leche League

Is my breastfed baby hungry?

Wondering that because your little human seems constantly attached to you? Feeling a bit like a human milk factory? Let me introduce (if you haven’t already heard of the term) you to cluster feeding. Babies will cluster feed when they are going through developmental growth spurts, when they’re seeking connection, also just because. The period between 4-12 weeks is sometimes described as the “colicky” phase – not to dispute genuine cases of colic and it’s so tough.

As long as your little one has regular wet and dirty nappies and is gaining weight steadily, then it’s generally just cluster feeding. 

Best to stock up with lots of snacks and drinks to hydrate yourself, some Netflix and settle in.

Can I still take cbd oil and breastfeed?

This search has risen in popularity so much that it’s now trending on google trends. Cbd oil is fast becoming an alternative therapy choice for people suffering from chronic illness both physical and mental. Ultimately, studies aren’t being done on pregnant women using cbd oil so it’s inconclusive as to whether it’s safe or not.  More information available here.

What are good breastfeeding positions?

Cartoon of breastfeeding positions from Mom Smarter Not Harder
#8 is my favourite

I remember when I was pregnant, being obsessed with this little guy 

My Brest Friend Travel Pillow

I didn’t purchase any kind of breastfeeding support pillow in the end, and as we ended up side-lying feeding for a lot of feeds, I don’t think it would have been entirely necessary once we were home from the NICU. During the pumping days though, it would have been excellent though for support. And I’ve seen it used as a cute tummy time support for bubbas too.

Even months after our breastfeeding ~journey~ ended, I still have absolutely appalling posture, which I attribute to not learning about proper nursing techniques early on. Heed this warning *witchy cackling*.

How can I increase my milk supply?

Probably one of the most common of the breastfeeding questions!

The number one way? Keep feeding that baby! Nursing is (in my humble opinion) the number one way to increase your milk supply.

The suckling action stimulates production and tells your body to produce more, the body works on a supply-demand basis.

Pretty groovy, right?

The Medela Swing Maxi Double Pump

Aside from feeding, there are a few other tricks that you can have up your sleeve (or down your top)!

  • Keeping super hydrated. Like “I need to pee every ten minutes” levels of hydrated.

  • Fenugreek has been reported to boost supply by women. I personally tried it and noticed a boost in supply for a while. I also smelt of maple syrup!

  • If supply is extremely low due to things like emergency c-section or birth-trauma or milk just not coming in – GP’s can prescribe Domperidone, a drug that’s traditionally used for nausea. I can say from experience that it does work at getting supply started.

  • Massage and warm showers with compressions (this actually feels pretty nice too!) a lot of times, it’s stressful being someones everything 24/7, and taking care of our bodies falls to the wayside.

  • Lactation cookies. Some people love them, some dispute the legitimacy of them. I just think they’re DELICIOUS. Made with brewers yeast (the stuff in Vegemite), it’s too easy to make your own.

Find Brewers Yeast here: Honest to Goodness Brewers Yeast

lactation cookie recipe

Did anything shock you about the things to know about breastfeeding?

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  1. Wow! This post is packed with everything you need to know about breastfeeding. The CBD oil one is interesting and I’m sure a hot topic right now. Love the graphic with all the positions, too. I pretty much stuck to the football hold.

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