Mental Health

Mental health blog posts helping with social anxiety, depression and coping skills. For posts to learn about self-therapy and recovery from social anxiety and depression at home, start here

We’ll take a look at what it means to take care of your mental health and what that looks like at home and at work. You may be needing tips to cope with anxiety and panic attacks.

Or perhaps some activities to help pull you out of a depressive spiral; you’ll find it among these posts. This category also displays first-person health anxiety stories (or hypochondria stories) and how to cope with uncertainty. I think it’s important to always be honest when blogging about anxiety and blogging about depression.

9 Foods That Help Reduce Anxiety (and 3 Foods That Make It Worse!)

Reading Time: 8 minutes In our world of instant gratification, we want our discomfort and anxiety to go away in an instant. And there are certainly things you can do that will have an immediate effect on your anxiety. And of course, there is always medication. But there are some easy, holistic ways to relieve your stress and reduce …

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How to Stop Overthinking Absolutely Everything

Reading Time: 7 minutes As a mom, I am always looking for how to stop over thinking. Being a parent is the hardest job on the planet.  I don’t care what anybody says.  It’s true.  You are simultaneously a babysitter, chef, chauffeur, housekeeper. schedule maker, party planner, and probably a billion other things I’m forgetting. All of that can …

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