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You’ll find breastfeeding blogs that answer all of your questions about feeding a newborn and a helpful post on what I wish I knew raising a baby (in the early days). If you’re wondering about attachment styles and whether or not you’re interested in learning about attachment theory and parenting styles, you can learn about that too.

As a mother myself, I get what it’s like to search the internet and find nothing but droll infographs so it’s my aim to make even the most informative posts humourous and light.



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A New Parent’s Guide to Attachment Styles

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you are a new parent, odds are you have read about or been told about the importance parenting and attachment styles. It comes up in almost every discussion on childhood development and parenting. There is extensive research examining parent-child attachment and what exactly it means for our children’s development! *This is a Guest Post and all …

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8 Women on Their Fourth Trimester Experience

Reading Time: 9 minutes I didn’t hear about the fourth trimester until I was an already 26-week pregnant mother to be. It was during my prenatal yoga class one morning, when our teacher was discussing the benefits of babywearing as we got reading to head out.  “Fourth trimester!?” I remember being stunned, images coming into my mind of gargantuan …

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