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If you had have told me two years ago that I would be passionate about something called “Team TOMM”(the Organised Mum Method) and that I would have a love of my Vax “pet hair” vacuum I would have:

  1. Told you I didn’t really enjoy sports and didn’t even know the “TOMM’s” 
  2. Laughed in your face and told you I don’t own a vacuum.

Oh, how times change. I discovered The Organised Mum Method when I was newly pregnant with my daughter and I found it to be life-changing. Gemma’s method is my for a few key reasons:

  • It’s free!
  • It’s not just for Mums
  • It’s a snowball effect (it gets easier as you go!)
  • There’s no weekend cleaning
  • It’s easy to maintain 
  • There’s a massive supportive community on Facebook and Instagram

How to get organised

I can’t imagine the literal laundry list of tasks my great-grandmother would have had back in her day as a stay at home mother of 7 but I can say, I am not entirely jealous. 

My husband and I work towards fairly equal sharing of household “chores” and daily maintenance so I can happily say I’m not left with the entire load of housework to myself. 

Housework is not “women’s work” in our house.

We undertook The Organised Mum Method together, enjoying a sort of “gamified” cleaning experience. By having the printable on the pantry cupboard it eliminated nagging and constant reminding and it was easy to just see where we were up to.

organised mum method
Printouts out the pantry

Is this like Mrs Hinch then?

Ahh.. “hinching”… the term that took over the UK and then International news interest pieces for the better part of 2018. To my understanding, “The Hinch Army”  is 2.7 million people and growing, who follow Sophie Hinchcliffe, hairdresser turned internet personality, famous for personifying her scrubbing brushes, showcasing cleaning hauls and having a rather spotless home. 

Honestly, I wouldn’t place The Organised Mum Method in the same category of cleaning as “Hinching”. To my mind, Hinching things has a lot to do with the specific brands of products you buy (Zoflora, Cif, The Pink Stuff) and less to do with any sort of method or cleaning routine.

TEAM TOMM it is!

The beauty of TOMM (The Organised Mum Method) is that it’s based on a level system. I won’t go into too much detail as it’s all there for you on the website and printables .

Basically, Level 1 jobs are the quick things you do every day, that the majority of people do (especially if you have kids). These are things like: 

  • Making beds
  • Quickly vacuuming /sweeping high traffic areas
  • A load of laundry

Level 2 jobs are where it gets interesting. Gem’s cleaning method is systematic in its approach in that every day a different room in the house is the main focus.

This, I believe is where the system really works for me.

Having a tendency to get distracted and perhaps go a little OTT when cleaning, it helps to have a dedicated list and room to focus on (and a time limit!)

Level 3 is the Friday Focus day, where you deep clean a room in your house (it’s on an 8-week rotation). As I mentioned, everything is much more eloquently put on Gemma’s blog, this is just my experience with the method as a whole. 

There is also a boot camp you can do if you need to do a big declutter before weekly maintenance. 

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organised home

How do I organise with a baby?

I have started and stopped following this cleaning method over the past year for various reasons; (travel, illness, couldn’t-be-bothered-itis).

What I will say is that I did find it the easiest to follow when my daughter was a newborn up until she could crawl.

After then, she became a little more proficient at crumb dispensing and general house un-tidying.

That, coupled with her ability to chase after me and her need to be near me constantly made it a bit more difficult to finish the Level 2 jobs in 30 minutes or even at all some days.

I did read many suggestions that people had of breaking down Level 1 jobs into 3x 10-minute chunks. For productivity with a toddler or baby, see this post

What about other ways to organise?

The Organised Mum Method Book

If you’ve read my other organisation posts, or followed me anywhere else, then you’ll know I’m a bit of an organisation freak. TOM website contains meal planning print outs, menu plans and heaps more if that’s your thing. 

I know that for so many people, being organised is a way to quieten the mind and literally declutter the brain. That’s something that’s been made easier for me with Gems’ method.

Are you Team TOMM?

This Anxious Mum

organised mum method

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