self love journal prompts

How to Start a Journal Using Self-Love Prompts

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A blank page can be very intimidating fear of getting started can sometimes be the biggest hurdle. Starting a journal doesn’t have to be scary and these self-discovery journal prompts for self-love are a great place to start.

It’s difficult to create a self-care journal without first knowing yourself. You can get started writing your journal of self-discovery today with these journal prompts below.

Self love journal prompts

You’ll be on the right track to creating a guided journal that suits your needs and is based on where you’re at in life and what emotional projects you want to be tackling.

I want to give you some really effective self-discovery questions but first, what is self-discovery? And why is self-discovery important?

self love journal prompts

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How to Start a Journal

If you’ve been feeling like you’re out of alignment lately like you aren’t living according to your true self, you could probably do with some journaling prompts for self-discovery.

The actual self-discovery definition, according to The Oxford Dictionary is 

the process of acquiring insight into one’s own character

self-discovery definition – Oxford dictionary

It’s a process that an individual goes through to learn more about themselves, to find out how they differ from their parents, peers and friends. 

There are plenty of ways to explore the depths of your own mind in order to mentally cleanse. Today, we’re looking at journaling. 

Why is Self Discovery Important

On the outside, self-discovery practices can seem pretty self-indulgent. Wanting to sit around and write self discovery exercises to learn more seems almost egotistic. The opposite is true, however. Studies have proven that with self reflection journal prompts and journaling regularly, mental health conditions and their symptoms (anxiety, insomnia, stress) significantly lessen.

Self-discovery, as mentioned above is a process that uses several mediums (but here we’ll stick to journals) to really flesh out ones’ past to determine things like:

Your strengths

Your weaknesses

Your goals

How you relate to others

Your self love and self esteem levels

Self-discovery is an important tool to use for making changes in yourself. You won’t know what to change if you don’t first know yourself.

How to Use Self Discovery Exercises Effectively

Deciding to include self-discovery writing in your weekly or monthly self-care routine is one of the greatest things you can do to turn around negative self-talk. If you set yourself up right!

You could even find yourself loving it and making another book full of self-care journal ideas (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!)

Creating a time and a space for journaling (for me it’s before bed just for 5 minutes, no matter what each night).

It doesn’t have to be fancy. It may help to print off a list of therapeutic journal prompts to help get you started. 

Remember don’t overload yourself! When you first begin writing, especially if you aren’t used to opening up so much or giving yourself so much attention and care, it can feel overwhelming.

Choose one or two questions to answer from the list and always answer more if you feel up to it.

How to start a self love journey

how to start a journal

Journey Through Journaling

You can create a journal using any diary or book you have around. If you think you’d like more structure and prompts that are pre-done, consider a printable journal like the following:

Self Discovery Journal Prompts

Self-discovery and self-improvement journal prompts can target so many different aspects of your life but here are my favourite ways to get started.

how to start a journal

Self Discovery Questions on the Past

Questions about the past can be tricky if you have a traumatic past, so feel free to skip this section if you need to. There are however, some journaling prompts for self-esteem included (down the bottom of the list).

Describe a time when you felt proud…

What am I most proud of?

What piece of advice would you give to childhood you?

How did I see myself in highschool?

If I could change one thing about my past it would be…

Self Discovery Journal Prompts on the Present

 These self love journal prompts are focused on  the present, use them as a framework for creating the life that you want to be living.

What is my biggest struggle with loving myself?

What is your biggest dream in life?

Describe your greatest strength…

If you had to choose, what colour do you think matches your ‘aura’?

Am I happy with how I spend my time?

What would my ideal day look like?

What are my biggest priorities in life?

What is my BIGGEST strength?

What does self-care mean to me?

What would I do if I felt confident?

Self Reflection Journal Prompts on the Future

Here are more self love journal prompts but this time focused on the future. It’s important to look to the future sometimes as a compass. It’s also important that we don’t live in the future and that we do take action on our dreams.

Are my current plans and routines in line with my future goals?

Are there any traits I’d like to have in the future that I don’t currently possess?

What would I tell my future self?

When things are tough, I want to remember

In the future I’d like to be doing these three things..

Self Reflection Journal Prompts on Relationships

Wondering what you can learn about yourself from relationship journal prompts? Self discovery can be found anywhere and how you relate to others can reveal important insights about yourself.

What do you look for in a friend? 

Why is that important to you?

What qualities do I admire in a person? 

What qualities do I like about myself?

What are the best parts of being in a relationship?

How would you feel in your ideal partnership?

What would your ideal relationship with your family be like?

What would you need to do to reach that point?

What negative traits do I bring do a relationship?

What positive traits do I bring to a relationship?

Self Improvement Journal Prompts for deeper thought

These  self esteem journal prompts for adults will encourage you to go deeper into your self-discovery process.

Choose these when you have more time to sit down and journal and really think about the answers.

What’s the best compliment someone has ever paid you? How did it make you feel?

What do you think is the “decider” for you? Your heart , brain or gut?

Who has helped shape you most in your life? 

Two moments in my life I’ll never forget are…

Write about what you need to finally feel fulfilled.

How to Create a Self Discovery Journal from my Self Care Journal Prompts 

So now you know what self-discovery is and why it’s important and hopefully you’ve got some ideas of self love prompts to try out. How do you put it all together though?

You have SO many options!

self love journal prompts

If you find yourself really getting into the above self care journal prompts you might like to create a journal based around the questions. This can be a bullet journal, a planner or anything else you think is appropriate. The main thing is it should be something you want to use.

To make a self-appreciation journal you can either write out the prompts in advance or use your journal as a traditional “diary” with prompts dispersed throughout. Whatever works for you.

Has journaling helped you? What are your favourite prompts? Sign up below for access to the printable library, which contains printable journaling prompts.

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