A bowl of oats topped with berries,apples and peanut butter, Shelby's dipped and dusted almonds. A cup of tea is beside the bowl.

Trying Out Shelbys Snacks

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Updated Feb 2020

Disclaimer: Shelbys Snacks were sent so I could test. The opinions are all mine though đŸ˜‰ Affiliate links are from Amazon and I earn a commision should you purchase.


I’m going to describe to you the perfect desk drawer snack.

Close your eyes.


On second thoughts, you better leave them open đŸ˜‰

Chunks of dark chocolate, hints of vanilla bean? What about white choc and tangy raspberry, you into that? Little bit of hazelnut and the right amount of crumble?

What if these cookies had no butter, no gluten, no refined sugar. And none of those sugar alcohols to have you cramping up?

Give em’ to your vegan mate Chris.

And they’re only 80 calories each.

Sick of low sugar treats tasting like compressed cardboard? There’s no risk of that happening when you’re munching on a hazelnut and double choc


Totally me

I’ve always been a snacker. Post dinner snacks, pre-dinner snacks, before lunch, I’m there…  my fingers finding the biscuit jar. And that’s all well and good, I believe that there shouldn’t be any food rules in life. It didn’t leave me feeling that great though.

Enter Shelby’s range of “Healthy Hedonism” range. 

According to a study by Shelby’s on our eating habits reported over at beat.com.au, 62% of us admit to snacking whilst watching TV at night with a massive 48 percent of us not keen on sharing (fair call!) 

Shelby's Healthy Hedonism Cookie Range
The full cookie range
Shelby's Healthy Hedonism Snack Range
Shelby’s Lemon Slice

I was lucky enough to test out their Peanut Butter, Coconut, Lemon Slice (a little 10g hit of protein deliciousness that contains just under 200 kcal).

 I also tried out their dipped and dusted cinnamon and yoghurt almonds which are absolutely drool-worthy. Adding them to my morning oats was a genius idea that I have to credit the good people I found through scrolling the #healthyhedonism hashtag.

 Food/lifestyle bloggers, fitness models and everyday mums alike are sharing their ideas for incorporating Shelby’s snacks into cookies, high tea snacks and on the go, fancy protein hits. 

I had a go at making a breakfast of total champions. 

A bowl of oats topped with berries,apples and peanut butter, Shelby's Healthy Snacks dipped and dusted almonds. A cup of tea is beside the bowl.
Shelby’s range with oat bowl breakfast

Cinnamon & Peanut Butter “Good For Guts” Oats

As well as being delicious, I’ve found that Shelby’s products don’t ‘sit’ in my stomach like some other protein-rich bars do. I’ve also enjoyed the taste of actual ingredients as opposed to any synthetic sweeteners or sugar alcohols that I’ve been kinda addicted to in the past (I’m looking at you, Quest Bars) as it’s helped me connect the act of eating with actual food, not some bizarre space cube made up of the “perfect macros”.

Shelbys snacks is a brand inspired by pleasure, containing less sugar, low GI and no sugar alcohols.

Find them on Amazon

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