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How To Be Well Organised (Every Single Month!)

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Becoming a well-organised woman was not something I really “saw” for myself, y’know?

As a young adult, I’d look on in awe at successful and extremely well, highly organised women and silently vow to get my act together asap.

Before falling back into comfortable procrastination. All that changed when I learned a few organising tips, mostly from binge-watching Youtube SEE MUM, IT PAID OFF!

Not particularly organised
And then, there was me… ?

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1# Organise some intentions

Feeling well organised every month I’m not talking about resolutions though, I’m talking about setting some intentions and making yourself a priority.

Some direction for the month, some goals, no matter how small you may think they are. 

 As I’m writing this, it’s Jan 3rd. If I had a dollar for every time I had seen or heard the word “resolution” in the past 72 hours… I’d be sitting pretty. 

Pretty much

Even just the act of setting an intention or goal makes me feel like I’ve got my act together somehow.

If I’m not ignoring the (sometimes) dumpster fire of my life, I figure that’s a win. 

Not ignoring life’s problems

Intentions can be health-focused,relationship-focused.

Literally anything.

You may have an intention to focus more this month on getting back in tune with nourishing your body through movement.

Perhaps another intention could be to stop caring if people at traffic lights hear your too loud bass through your car speakers. Whatever, I don’t judge.

Here’s an excellent post on intention setting. If you’re wanting longer-term goal setting, I suggest you employ some SMART goals for organising them (see post here for tips and a worksheet).

Want to create a new habit this new year? Check out Julie.

But like, actual goals

It’s always nice, of course, to have a gorgeous life planner or an organizer to write down these intentions. If you’re anything like me, stationery is your weakness. 

If having something gorgeous to write in makes you more likely to write down your plans and intentions – USE IT!

2# Organise your social calendar

This one makes me feel kind of dorky. And it shouldn’t.

I guess it’s because I keep operating under the outdated assumption that I needed a large group of friends and had to keep things spontaneous and remain ~cool~ at all times, never scheduling and always down to hang.

^ How much chill I possess

Which is ludicrous! I’m a parent, the majority of my friends are parents.

Work, parenting, home life, relationships… All of that needs to be scheduled around and there’s nothing ? uncool ? about ? that ?

That’s not to say I’ll be drafting up a detailed itinerary for our next zoo trip and arriving at exacting 8.32am to ensure prime parking. 

I’m not a (complete) psycho.

#3 Organise and plan out non-negotiables

well organised
Possibly my fave thing to organise

This tip is probably my favourite, because it’s putting you first.

It’s all about working out how your month is looking and where your appointments are for the month ahead. 

  • Want to finally get to that yoga studio? 
  • Or maybe you know that you’re best at committing to things like therapy if you book all appointments in advance? 

The start of the month is the best time to schedule out everything to get well organized as well as see where your free time is. 

By writing out (either in a phone calendar or wall calendar) your month in advance, you’re also telling yourself I am important.

Which you are!

4# Become the “professional organiser” of your money

Ahh budget.. How very adult. That’s the point! You’re getting organised. Pour a cup of whatever, sit down and draft out what’s coming in, what’s going out and how much it costs to be you for the month.

Remember to note down any big payments or once offs’ coming up in the month. Trust me, it’s much better getting it out of the way early so you don’t come up short later.

Sorting out your finances in advance and leaving little room for surprises will have you a lot more relaxed than wingin’ it.

Well Organised

5# Marie Kondo ALL THE THINGS

Organising with a baby
Alright, who’s been filming me?

The start of the month is the perfect time for a clean slate. How good to have a clean wallet? It takes serious organisational skills to keep a wallet consistently clean.

My wallet is like 80% receipts at the moment, I’m sure of it. I found a sultana in there the other day, I wish I were kidding.

Give your wallet, fridge, car and even your phone a deep clean (delete old photos, apps etc) and you’ll find you don’t have as much clutter as often.

Now as someone who has a toddler, I’m not well practiced in the Marie Kondo folding method. If you feel some extra decluttering could be beneficial in your life, give this book a read.

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

The life changing magic of tidying up
The life changing magic of tidying up
well organised
Pin me

For a super effective cleaning method, see my review of The Organised Mum Method

well organised

6# Organise some downtime

The last “tip” is about even more you time. So grab a pen, or your phone because you’re young and pens are dead technology.

Now note down a movie you will watch this month, and a book.

I’ve found that when I’m actively engaged in a novel (especially fiction), I’m less likely to fall into time sinks ?Facebook groups ?.

So while you might feel guilty over not being productive, you’re refueling your creative tank.

Bonus tip for organising help

Watch someone else do it first! This may sound a bit weird but I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who enjoying planning and speed cleaning videos on YouTube. There’s just something so inspiring about watching people get things done!

Check out one of my favourites below.

Emily Norris Speed Clean

Now go forth and organise!

This Anxious Mum

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