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Why This Mum Blogs + 4 Kickass Tools I Use

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I don’t often tell people that this mum blogs. And promoting it on my personal Facebook is like pulling teeth (thank goodness for Pinterest!) I fear I’ll be the butt of a joke. “Oh, she’s got a mum blog”.

And it isn’t!

Why I blog through motherhood is the same reason I blogged before, because I need to. I believe that everyone should write, that everyone has something they should be sharing. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which if you make a purchase allow this mum blogger to make a small commission at no cost to you. Full disclosure here.

Your blog serves you as whatever you need it to be

There’s plenty of reasons why a mother may want to start a blog:

mum blogs
Pin me for later
  • It can serve as the friend they never had
  • The time writing is their “me” time
  • It’s their revenue stream
  • It’s a memory keeper
  • It’s empowering

Ever heard of the unmumsy mum or any other funny mom blogs? Imagine if they never started! Don’t let fear get in your way.

Blogging helps you find your passion

If you’re already in the blogging world, or most areas of online business, you’ll no doubt have heard that you need to niche down. This is a piece of advice that I largely agree with but only recently did I do so. 

I never understood why it wasn’t advisable to paint yourself with a wide brush, it made sense to write about everything..right?

Sorry Joel

SEO guidelines have dictated in the past that it’s best to have a website that’s clear in topic and content.

What does that mean for the mum who blogs though? Isn’t that forcing her to stick to a topic? Not necessarily. Niching down can be reframed as a positive, a way to fully explore and flesh out a topic. 

I know Kermie

Example: The “lifestyle blogger” niche is HUGE. Whereas Ell Duclos has narrowed in on exactly what it is within the lifestyle blogging sphere that she wants to tackle and become an expert on the subject.

The brainstorming required to pick a subject to write is also deeply illuminating about one’s self. Whether you’re starting a mom blog for financial gain or to keep an online diary, you’ll find where your true passion lies-which is exciting! Plus learning how to increase your DA is a rollercoaster in itself but that’s a conversation for another time!

mum blog
Killin’ it!

The act of blogging + my 4 top tools for blogging success

Just the act of writing (or rather, typing) ideas down daily enable us to process them more coherently. In turn, we can synthesize the information so you can understand them better. Basically, write it down or it’s a jumbled mess in your head!

two ladies with a mum blog
*sings Spice Girls friends forever*

Earlier, I said I blog because I need to. Pretty dramatic statement but I feel it’s true to keep me feeling level. I’ve written for an online audience since the days of Livejournal and have always appreciated opinions from those with varied backgrounds. Having anxiety, I appreciate the online community blogging attracts.

I’m working on building a resource guide for aspiring mother and mental health bloggers but for now, my top 4 resources I use for blogging are:

Pinterest With Ell Course 

Yes! The Ell we talked about before.

I had hesitations about buying a course when I wasn’t yet really monetizing my site. I’ve only implementing Ell’s technique for 12 days (at the time of posting this).

My stats aren’t mindblowing to most but the link click conversions are important to me. Ell offers lifetime updates and she is always in the private Facebook group getting hype.

If you’re just getting started with Pinterest (like, don’t even know what a board is level beginner) or you’ve been around and tried a few different courses, my point is the same, try Ell’s!

At the time of writing, she receives 9000+ blog views A DAY from Pinterest.

I’ve included screenshots from my most recent pin created last night, a pin less than 12 hours old that has had great traction using Ell’s methods.

*update Feb 22- I am still using Ell’s method and she is updating her course to include a manual pinning section which is super exciting! See below photo’s for how my account has grown*

Not bad!
mum blogs
1 month update!
Stats on the anxiety post ?

Tailwind (Free Month )

Tailwind is the only scheduling tool approved by Pinterest itself.  I’m still getting the hang of Tailwind and use it in conjunction with manual pinning. I love the interval feature and tribes.

Full disclosure, the above link gives you $15 credit if you are brand new to Tailwind and have never tried it out before. Not only does it do that but it also gives me a free month as well. Woo hoo!

Reshot (Free)

homepage blog images on reshot
A taster of the homepage

Reshot has changed the look of my pins completely. I don’t know anyone who isn’t embarrassed by their first pins but my Canva free stock photo ones were bad. 

Reshot offers free stock photos, shot by photographers in the community, that don’t look like stock photos.

A Whiteboard 

This is where a lot of my brainstorming gets done. Something about going “analog” allows me to really get creative and realise the direction I want to go in. Whether it’s for personal blogs or for freelance clients. You’ll know what works best for you, but in moments where you’re stuck, I suggest grabbing a pen and paper or whiteboard if you can, and seeing what you come up with sans screen.

To recap:

  • Blogging is whatever you need it to be. Income stream, visual diary, outlet, way to make friends
  • If you’re going down the income stream road, picking a niche is a good way to increase traffic and create readership
  • Another way to create readership? Aside from creating content consistently, Pinterest! Check out Pinterest with Ell the course that boosted my numbers (still testing to this day)
  • Sick of boring stock images? Check out reshot for photos taken by photographers that aren’t your ~typical~ stock photo.
  • Looking to boost creativity and having a hard time? Consider a brain dump onto a whiteboard. Cheap simple and re-usable.
  • Once you’ve got Pinterest sorted, test out Tailwind to automate some of it so you can tap into that worldwide market (or just set and forget it and focus on something else!)

That’s all for now if you’re inspired to start a parenting blog or have a blog already, leave a comment!

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  1. This is a super useful post, I’ve heard about Ells course many times but never seen the results or it, I think I might go over and get it now!

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